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MH Boutique is the worldwide most prestigious distributor of luxury amenities for yachts. Since 2002 has always been synonymous of excellence, luxury and glamor. Today we add one more concept to describe us, sustainability Born as part of the Moncada di Paternò Yacht Group, (Milano – 1963). Our ambitious and revolutionary objective was clear from the very beginning, approaching luxury brands from our head quarter in the Balearic Islands and Barcelona to yachting and its lovers.
Bvlgari, Climador by Seger Van Heyst, Pratesi, Casa del Bianco NY or Gordiola are some of the exclusive brands we have worked with worldwide. 2006 marked a turning point for our company as we decided to take a step forward for the conquest of the USA and Caribbean Market, opening our new warehouse in Miami. There are no borders for those who want to grow.
In 2016, 10 years after the wise decision; we took a significant shift to our business philosophy: We focused on sustainability believing that LOHAS (lifestyle of health & sustainability) will take over the luxury world. This will be our commitment with new generations.
We decided to create alliances with ecological and responsible luxury brands, but without losing an edge of elegance and exclusivity. We want to show that luxury and sustainability can walk hand in hand.

Be welcome to the new world order of Moncada Hispania.

Best Sellers

NEW Botanic Hand Cleansing Gel

The BAMFORD Botanic No Rinse Hand Cleansing Gel is an alcohol based formulation with plant-based glycerine and coconut oil to clea...

236ml Peppermint Shampoo

Our best selling hydrating shampoo synthesizes natural peppermint extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Effectively puri...

50 ml CBG Hand Cleansing Spray

Our new hand cleansing spray based on alcohol is an effective instrument for keeping your hands safe when venturing outdoors. Hand...

150ml Shea Butter Sunscreen Emulsion for Kids SPF50

High protection / Ideal for children's sensitive skin. Sunscreen emulsion for children, with velvet texture, formulated to minimiz...

150ml Red Grape Body Sunscreen Emulsion SPF50

Moisturising bodymilk with non-oily, velvet texture offering high sun protection. It improves skin elasticity, firms and helps pre...

30ml BGD Shaving Oil

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A blend of antioxidant and omega-rich blackcurrant, Echium and borage oils provide an effortless shave. Ski...

150ml Yoghurt Sunscreen Face & Body Emulsion SPF30

Yoghurt, a natural source of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins, increases the water content of the epidermis' top layers an...

250ml Shampoo Botanic Pump

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION High performance plant based cleansers blended with castor oil seed to restore natural vitality. Vitamin B5...

150ml Walnut & Coconut Clear Sunscreen Face&Body SPF20

Body sunscreen rich in organic Walnut and Coconut oils that keep the skin soft and supple.

40gr Amenity Pebble Soap

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Our geranium soap is fragranced with an invigorating blend of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium an...

73ml Eucalyptus Deodorant

Refreshing natural eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing citronellyl for 24 hour effectiveness, our deodorant is appropriate fo...

150ml Yoghurt Cooling Aftersun Face/Body

An ultra cooling and soothing cream-gel for long-lasting freshness and comfort. With real edible yoghurt.

250ml Rosemary Willow Diffuser

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Crafted in the shape of our Bamford bath and body apothecary bottles, our elegant willow diffusers will bea...

15ml Lip Balm Botanic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A soothing and protective blend made from 100% organic ingredients with a boost of arnica. Grapefruit bring...

75ml Hand Cream Botanic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Smoothes and protects hands, cuticles and nails with soothing aloe vera, fortified with a moisture-bindi...

60ml Nurture Balm Botanic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Nutrient-intense therapy, this rich balm contains nourishing Shea butter, infused with healing Arnica Monta...

50ml Pillow Mist Botanic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A fragrant pillow mist of spiritual Frankincense with calming Lavender and Marjoram to soothe and relax the...

100ml Baby Hair & Body Wash

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fragranced with a soothing blend of camomile, geranium, lavender and tea tree, our organic baby hair and bo...

200ml Body Cream Jasmine

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A rich body cream encouraging deep hydration and cell renewal scented with Bamford’s blend of jasmine, oran...

Classic Mint Toothpaste Mini tubes 15 ml.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The classic, we’ve carefully blended two mints to give you a really pureand natural taste. Beginning with s...

140gr. Rosemary Candle 1 Wick

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A crisp herbal blend of rosemary, thyme and lavender with a little clove, geranium leaf and Sicilian lemon...

MaMa Bamboo Toothbrushes

Billions of plastic brushes reaches landfills and waterways globally each year polluting our oceans, harming wild life and marine...

Essential Oil Collection

Bamford's Essential Oil Blends Developed with our Yoga masters for classes at the Bamford Haybarn. Our collection of Organic Es...


Top 10 Checklist for Yachties to become more sustainable

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Our headquarters are based in Mallorca, surrounded by a beautiful sea and breathing aromas of olives and oaks. All our products are resting quietly and waiting to be delivered to you from our warehouses in Barcelona and Miami.


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