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Mar 19, 2024 | Lifestyle, Crew Members, Crew Tips, Superyachts

Jamila García

Jamila García

CEO Starfish Crew LTD

Jamila García is a true inspiration for hundreds of new stewardesses, sharing all her knowledge with grace, warmth, and an unwavering passion for the yachting industry.


Super yacht stewardesses play a vital role in pampering guests and maintaining the vessel’s immaculate appearance.

To achieve excellence in service, teamwork, and professionalism, it is essential to engage in team building activities that not only strengthen bonds but also hone skills.

In this blog post, we will explore a variety of team building activities that will help your team shine.



1. Enhanced Communication

On a super yacht, effective communication is paramount. Stewardesses must convey information clearly and efficiently, ensuring guest requests are met promptly.

Team building activities promote:

  • Active listening
  • Clear expression
  • And understanding

All vital components of effective communication.

2. Strengthened Bonds

Building strong interpersonal relationships among the team will help create a harmonious and enjoyable work environment.

Team building activities foster connections that extend beyond the workplace.


3. Improved Problem Solving

Quick thinking and problem-solving are invaluable skills in the fast-paced world of super yachts.

Team building activities often involve challenges that require creative solutions, helping stewardesses hone their ability to think on their feet.


4. Increased Adaptability

Super yacht stewardesses need to adapt to ever-changing environments and guest preferences.

Team building activities that expose the team to new experiences help develop adaptability and resilience.

This said, let’s explore some exciting and engaging activities to help your team thrive!


Organise a friendly competition where teams must set the most elegant and creative table.

Provide your stewardesses with limited resources and a theme to follow.

Chose a judge from your crew (or the guests themselves if this is something that they would enjoy to get involved with).

This activity will:

  • Hone your team table-setting skills
  • Encourage creativity and attention to detail
  • Spice your long shipyard days up

I still remember the days when @theyachtstew used to delight us with her beautiful table decorations. I used to save them on my phone for inspiration for my next charters!

Did you know that my favourite brand (AKA: Bamford) also stocks fabulous home ware bits that you will be able to use for creating subtle, classy, and beautiful table decorations?


Begin the journey to wellness with a sunrise or sunset yoga session on the deck of the yacht.

Yoga not only promotes physical flexibility and strength but also provides a calming space for mental relaxation.

Create a luxurious, calming ambience on deck with essential oil diffusers and nice, relaxing music.

This is my favourite oil diffuser:

Strato Atomising Diffuser with the De-Stress Atomiser Diffuser Oil

PS: As nice as they are, please be aware of the dangers of using real candles on deck…

Infographic Healthy Diet for Yacht Crew


Enhance team bonding through a cooking class that focuses on creating nutritious and delicious meals. Encourage your team to experiment with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, fostering a shared appreciation for healthy eating.

This activity can be both educational and enjoyable, promoting a holistic approach to well-being.
This activity can be organised both on board and ashore.

I recently went on an amazing trip with other seven female yachtie entrepreneurs, organised by @sisterhood_bymichelle

We spent the most wholesome day at a non-profit dedicated to help women in need.

It honestly was the highlight of our trip! 

We learnt how to cook Moroccan tajin, spent the day learning about how they started, mission, and the women they help.

We all felt so fulfilled and inspired after this activity we can not wait to go on another trip and do something like this again!

Follow @holisticnics for the tastiest healthy recipes!



Organise a cooking demonstration where each Stew must create a typical dish from his/her country, as well as explaining its origin and fun facts.

You will love learning more about your co-workers’ origins, family, and life back home, I promise!



Introduce mindfulness and meditation practices to help your team manage stress and stay present in their daily tasks.

Guided meditation sessions can be conducted onboard, providing a peaceful environment for reflection and relaxation.

This activity can significantly contribute to mental well-being and team cohesion.

I used to organise this every Sunday for two whole years while I was working on a vessel that was for sale. We were a team of four, and not much was going on…

Since the girls absolutely adored this activity, I made a little hamper of Bamford products when I left the vessel. It included:

  • Shavasana Essential Oil Blend – Relaxation
  • B-Calm Meditation Cushion
  • B-Silent CBD Peppermint Drops

The three of them still send me pictures with these items to this day!



Create a series of wellness challenges that encourage stewardesses to prioritize self-care.

Challenges could include:

  • A step-count competition (@megghorrocks has recently documented her 21-day challenge for cancer while onboard her vessel, and on charter!) Engaging in initiatives like this is something that I truly used to love while working onboard, and still do!
  • Hydration goals (how stunning is this as a present for your team?) @mydriftwellness shares incredible useful hydration tips (amongst others)
  • Or mindfulness exercises

Recognise and reward individual and team achievements, fostering a culture of healthy competition and mutual support.


One of the most popular activities amongst stewardesses.

This activity not only promotes well-being but also serves as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work.

If you do have a spa onboard, and are allowed to use the facilities, make the most of it!

You will have the best day with your team.


Do you have a personal trainer onboard? Or a member of the team that would enjoy getting all the crew together for a bit of movement?

Conduct a high-energy bootcamp session on the yacht’s deck or on a nearby beach.

Physical activity not only contributes to overall health but also boosts energy levels and enhances mood—a perfect recipe for a motivated and cohesive team.



To ensure the effectiveness of these team building activities, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Set Clear Goals

Define the objectives of each activity. Whether it is:

  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing culinary skills
  • Or fostering stronger bonds, clarity of purpose is essential

2. Tailor Activities to Your Team

Consider your team’s preferences and strengths when choosing activities.

Not every activity will suit every team, so customisation is key.

This is one of the main reasons why top-notch Head of Departments should have exceptional recruiting skills. Choosing a candidate whose personality and interests aligns with the rest of your team is paramount.

I love travelling, following a healthy lifestyle, interior design, and decoration, and always gravitated towards candidates with these interests too.

PS: If you love decoration, you will love @botaneecasa content!

And for excellent travel content: @the_travellingstewardess !

3. Debrief and Reflect

After each activity, hold a debriefing session to discuss what was learned and how it can be applied in the workplace.

Encourage team members to share their insights and takeaways.

Accompany this “meeting” with a little cocktail, or mocktail, and you got yourself the perfect end for a wholesome day with your team.

4. Rotate Leadership

Let different team members take the lead in organising and running activities.

This not only develops leadership skills but also keeps team building fresh and engaging.

The Stew that spends all day, every day, in the laundry, will highly appreciate this too, and you will make her feel as an integral part of the team. Even more.

5. Document Progress

Keep a record of the team’s progress over time. Note any improvements in communication, teamwork, or skills.

This helps you gauge the effectiveness of your team building efforts.

And what Chief stew doesn’t like a “checklist” of some sort..?

6. Celebrate Achievements

Recognise and reward your team’s achievements, whether big or small.

Celebrating successes reinforces positive behaviour and encourages continued growth.


Super yacht stewardesses play an integral role in delivering a world-class experience to guests.

To ensure your team is at its best, invest in team building activities that promote communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and personal growth.

These activities will not only enhance your stewardess team’s skills but also strengthen their bonds and sense of unity.

Ultimately, a well-connected and skilled team of stewardesses will elevate the luxury super yacht experience to new heights, leaving guests with unforgettable memories of their voyage on the open sea.


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