Why Super Yacht Crew Members Love Luxury Items

Oct 30, 2023 | Lifestyle, Crew Members, Crew Tips

Jamila García

Jamila García

CEO Starfish Crew LTD

Jamila García is a true inspiration for hundreds of new stewardesses, sharing all her knowledge with grace, warmth, and an unwavering passion for the yachting industry.



The world of super yachts is synonymous with opulence and extravagance.

These floating palaces represent the epitome of luxury, attracting the elite and affluent from around the globe.

Among the many perks of working on these magnificent vessels, one aspect that captivates super yacht crew members is their affinity for luxury items, and a lavish lifestyle.

I don’t know about you, but it has always fascinated me how and why a twenty-year-old deckie, on the first month of his first role, runs to the shop to buy himself a Rolex watch.

In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why crew members develop a profound appreciation for exclusive and lavish possessions.


Being part of a super yacht crew means constant exposure to a lifestyle that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Crew members are surrounded by lavish interiors, exquisite cuisine, and top-notch amenities.
This immersion in luxury naturally influences their taste and preferences.

Daily encounters with high-end products create a desire to enjoy similar items themselves, fostering an appreciation for exclusive goods.

While I was at University, professors often talked about “the rule of 7”.

The marketing “rule of 7” states that someone has to see something at least 7 times to take action to buy that product or service.

  • How many times a day does a Stewardess see that full Chanel handbags collection sitting in Mrs wardrobe collecting dust? (Let alone a month-long trip!)
  • How many times does the boss ask the deckie to hold his watch while he goes for a swim?
  • How many caviar tins does the Chef open every trip?

If you ask me, we have little to no option to end up running to the shops every time we step foot in port… 



Super yacht crew members work diligently to provide impeccable service to their guests.

In recognition of their hard work and dedication, crew members are often rewarded with generous gratuities and bonuses.

With access to substantial disposable income, they have the means to indulge in luxury items that were once considered out of reach.

The allure of these items becomes irresistible when they can be obtained through their own efforts.

And, as long as they are purchased with disposable income, what harm can a little luxury purchase here and there do?!

Infographic Healthy Diet for Yacht Crew


Luxury items, by their very nature, are often associated with prestige and social status.

For super yacht crew members, possessing these exclusive possessions can signal their professional success and position in the industry.

It becomes a way to showcase their achievements and reinforce their standing among peers.

The allure of luxury items lies not just in their material quality but also in the intangible sense of recognition and admiration they can garner.



Working on a super yacht is often a career milestone for crew members who dream of a life of glamour and adventure.

Super yacht crew are often drawn to the industry due to their personal fascination with luxury and the desire to be part of the elite world that surrounds it.

By acquiring luxury items themselves, crew members can immerse themselves fully in the aspirational lifestyle they have long admired.

Possessing these items becomes a tangible representation of their journey and an affirmation of their aspirations.

A “Fake it till you make it” for some?
May be…



Luxury items are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of premium materials.

Super yacht crew members, who witness and interact with these items on a daily basis, develop a deep appreciation for the skill and artistry behind their creation.

From exquisite timepieces and designer accessories to handcrafted furniture and bespoke artwork, crew members recognize the value of these items as works of art.

Their admiration for the craftsmanship drives their desire to own and cherish such exclusive possessions.

Youtube videos about how/when/where luxury handbags are/were made is one of my favourite things to watch when I do not know what to watch.

I find the process as enjoyable as the actual final product!

However, super yacht crew do not only spend their hard-earned money in Louis Vuitton bags and Rolex watches!

These are just some of the preferred crew activities to create unforgettable memories.




One of the most significant perks of being a super yacht crew member is the chance to visit breathtaking ports and destinations around the world.

During their time off, crew members often explore the local culture, cuisine, and landmarks.

  • Wandering through vibrant markets: often quite expensive actually! The Mercado de las Dalias in Ibiza, for example, is full of gems, but really expensive gems…
  • Immersing themselves in historical sites and touristic destinations: I have lots count of how many times I have visited the Pompei ruins, and Stromboli volcano…
  • Engaging in thrilling water sports and similar activities: have you visited the under water museum in the Caribbean? That was not a cheap activity for me, but definitely worth it!

Remote areas may have limited access to conventional suppliers. The absence of nearby stores or suppliers means that chief stewardesses must plan well in advance.

This involves creating comprehensive lists of supplies needed for the trip and coordinating with suppliers to ensure timely delivery.

Establish reliable partnerships with suppliers who specialise in yacht provisioning and can deliver to remote areas.

Communication and coordination are key, so ensure suppliers are aware of your yacht’s itinerary and can adjust delivery schedules accordingly.



Super yacht crew members come from diverse backgrounds, and they bring their unique passions and interests on board.

  • Photography and videography
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing
  • Painting
  • Yoga…

These activities allow them to recharge and enjoy the scenic beauty that surrounds them.

From capturing stunning sunsets to diving into vibrant coral reefs, crew members embrace their free time to pursue what brings them joy.


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 Navigating customs and import regulations in different countries can be a complex process.

Each destination may have its own set of rules and restrictions on importing certain products or quantities.
Prioritise research and compliance.

Work closely with your Captain and Purser to ensure you are aware of and adhere to local customs regulations.
Always keep documentation of your inventory and receipts to prove compliance if necessary.


TEAM BUILDING AND BONDING: (Mostly known as crew dinners, if you prefer…)

Working on a super yacht is a team effort, and crew members often utilize their time off to strengthen relationships and build camaraderie.

One of the things I used to enjoy the most was planning crew activities together with the Chief Officer.

I found that the overall work environment on board thrived when we had a strong Chief Officer that enjoyed getting the crew together.

These are just some of the favourite “team building activities” off the boat I used to love to organise, and crew appreciated the most:

  • Comedy club night (if you are based in a big city like Barcelona, you will easily find excellent comedy clubs)
  • Go karting
  • Paragliding (this is a fantastic activity to do in the Caribbean!)
  • Sky jumping (for the most adventurous)

However, the number one preferred activity has always been, and will most probably be, crew dinners.

If you are a super yacht crew member and have not yet spent 300USD in sushi at Nobu, what have you been doing?!


 During their time off, crew members often participate in training programs, attend workshops, or pursue certifications related to their roles on board.
We all know that these courses are usually far from cheap. However, I have always seen this as an investment, rather than an “expense”.


 Working on a super yacht is demanding, both physically and mentally.

Therefore, crew members value their downtime as an opportunity to prioritize self-care and relaxation.


When I worked on vessels with an established program, usually visiting the same ports every season, I used to have a personal trainer I would always contact in each port.

As soon as I arrived, I booked myself in as many sessions as I could.

This was definitely a big expense (or investment). However, it made me feel good, and that is what counts the most.


How could we not try the salon we booked for Mrs?!


If you have not tried the spa at the Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc, you do not know what you are missing!


Most Captains I know of find golfing really relaxing (for some strange reason I am yet to comprehend).
If you are a golf lover, in search of a relaxing golf holiday, reading this, the Abama Resort in Tenerife (Spain) is absolutely exquisite.


While the life of a super yacht crew member involves hard work and dedication, their time off offers them a chance to enjoy the incredible perks and amenities that come with the job.

From exploring enchanting destinations to pursuing personal interests, the crew members make the most of their leisure time.

Engaging in team-building activities, seeking professional development, and focusing on wellness ensure a well-rounded experience for the crew.

The fascinating and diverse activities they engage in during their time off truly reflect the spirit of adventure and passion that lies at the heart of the super yacht industry.

Does this post resonate with you?
What are your favourite activities to do while travelling the world aboard a super yacht?
Let us know in the comments!


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