9 Stewardess Skills to Develop at Home

Feb 16, 2023 | Lifestyle, Crew Members, Crew Tips

As you will have seen with our friend Phoebe, learning to be a luxury yacht hostess takes hard work and dedication. In addition to studying and taking the required courses, specific skills need to be acquired for day-to-day work. But the circumstances are not always ideal for this. So, what stewardess skills can we develop at home? Is there any way to do this?

Well, actually, there is! In addition to the necessary training, it is possible (and even advisable) to acquire a few skills when performing tasks at home. Read this article to discover 9 examples of how to develop stewardess skills at home.


1- The world of laundry

Doing laundry has many nuances to consider, such as the fabrics, the temperature of the water, and how to dry the clothes. But all of this can be easier to understand by knowing how to read labels. Each garment’s labels indicate the best way to wash it so as not to damage or shrink it. Learn how to read these labels, and you will do laundry much faster and better.


2- Mirror mirror on the wall

Practising glass and mirror cleaning is one of many stewardess skills you can develop at home. Try different cleaning products, mixes and materials, and observe the result from every angle possible to spot the slightest trace of dirt. 


3- Ironing

As a yacht stewardess, ironing clothes will be a daily task, so practising it at home will be very handy in the future. Grab your family’s and friends’ clothes to practice, and before you know it, you will be an ironing expert!


4- Setting the perfect table

Learning how to set the table will be fundamental when organizing lunches, dinners or celebrations on board, such as Christmas. Take advantage of celebrations such as Christmas or birthdays to practise where the cutlery should be placed and create spectacular table decorations.


5- Clothes folding, happy dressing

Finding your clothes folded to perfection is very satisfying. And we are sure your guests would like it too. Learning to fold clothes elegantly and efficiently is one of many stewardess skills you can develop at home.


6- Fold napkins to perfection

Related to the table decorations mentioned above, folding napkins in a fancy way can be a great addition that conveys luxury and comfort to your guests. Try practising with napkins at home to become an expert in no time.


7- Wine? Why not

Opening a bottle of wine and serving it with poise is an art. An art, by the way, that you can practice at home. Every time you drink wine, practice removing the cork subtly and pouring it like a true sommelier!


8- Barista on board

Coffee is universally loved, so we’re sure your guests will also love to enjoy a delicious coffee in the sun overlooking the sea. Iced, black, cappuccino… There are a thousand ways to prepare it, and only one way to master them all: practice.


9- A cocktail to get the party started

After a spectacular dinner, your guests will surely love to enjoy a delicious cocktail under the starlight. Choose a selection of cocktails and try them at home. But be careful! Better get your family and friends to try them, as too many cocktails for one person can be too many!



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