Christmas Decoration Tips for a Perfect Yacht

Dec 7, 2022 | Lifestyle, Crew Members, Crew Tips

As Christmas time approaches, it would be a great idea to start planning the Christmas decoration for your yacht: it is never too soon! And as tedious as it may sound, planning decorations can be very exciting when you have a little help. So don’t worry: we have your back.

To fill your yacht with the most festive spirit worth remembering forever by your guests, here are some tips for having the most spectacular Christmas decoration on your yacht. Maybe even Santa will attend your Christmas party!


Lighting lifts the spirit

Christmas lights are essential for festive decor, but it is crucial to use them carefully. Electricity and water don’t make the safest combination, so don’t put them too close to the water or somewhere waves can hit them. Safety first! Remember always to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, think of the colors: having yellow lights might be the most comfortable option for you, as red, green, or white lights can make your guests’ eyes uneasy, especially in the case of clear-eyed guests.


Make the Christmas tree extra-special

We all love having a Christmas tree, the bigger, the better. But maybe having an enormous tree on your ship is not the safest option. Even more, an immense tree can limit the mobility inside the yacht. Instead, try thinking out of the box: you could have a few smaller trees around the ship, each decorated differently: one can be full of lights, while another can be a Christmas decoration extravaganza (Christmas balls, figurines, a golden star). Or maybe, instead of having a regular tree, you can create one using lights or other decor items. Creativity is the key!


Christmas lights, trees and other decor can be used for the decoration of your yacht

Music sets the mood

Try curating an extra-special-Christmassy playlist, we assure you it will help make a forever-lasting memory for your guests. Music plays such a big part in Christmas, so try your best when selecting the perfect songs. To do that, think of the ambiance you are trying to create: are you looking for a calm Christmas? A festive one? You can even create different playlists or mix them up. Nor will we judge you if you decide to use one of the many pre-existing Christmas playlists, although we encourage you to try creating one with your own personal touch.


If you want to have Santa, dress as Santa!

Now, think of it: doesn’t a Christmas event feel more complete with costumes? Of course, it does! So, along with decorations, having some Christmas outfits ready can make the occasion even more fun. Think of Santa, elf helpers, and maybe a reindeer or two. Having the crew dressed as Christmas characters can make the event much more fun for everyone!


Use, reuse and reduce 

Last but not least, we need to underline the importance of sustainability in the current state of the issue. Being environmentally conscious is a central part of our way of life, and hope is yours too. To this end, we urge you to keep sustainability in mind when decorating your yacht for Christmas to reduce the quantity of waste produced. For example, try reusing lights from previous years if possible. Instead of cutting a tree every year, having a reusable one can be a more sustainable option in the long run. Christmas costumes can also be worn more than once if taken care of properly. The same goes for tree decorations. Try using them for decoration all around the yacht: with some adhesive tape or adhesive putty, you can put them anywhere!

Being sustainable is not incompatible with having a spectacularly decorated yacht for Christmas. Therefore, we encourage you to make a sustainable Christmas decoration on your ship, ensuring that your guests enjoy the most luxurious experience.


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