Conflicts on board: how to avoid 👐

May 9, 2023 | Lifestyle, Crew Members, Crew Tips

Conflicts during coexistence and within the yacht among the crew are related to the fact of living together.
They don’t usually happen often but sometimes there are inevitably friction between yacht hostesses.

Today we are going to explain some tips to avoid these frictions of coexistence and to be able to enjoy a full experience on board.

– The basis of coexistence is dialogue and agreements. To avoid conflicts it is necessary to know how to dialogue and reach an agreement. On the other hand, working as a team allows practicing values, living in harmony regulating emotional reactions, acquiring skills to resolve conflicts and being responsible and caring citizens.

– Dialogue consists of clearly expressing one’s own point of view and listening with empathy to the point of view of others.

– To dialogue, we must first listen: What do they think, believe, think, feel…? Then we will express our point of view.

– The agreements consist of establishing the rules and limits of coexistence that are needed, as well as the consequences that help to comply with the rules that cost them.

– We establish the rules and limits of coexistence: what they can and what they should not do.

Let’s hope you don’t run into any conflict on board, but in that case, we hope these tips help you resolve it!

Every season you learn something new about conflict resolution. Different girls, different situations. So here are some tips for dealing with team situations! We have learned that you need to deal with situations as soon as they arise, otherwise one small bad situation can affect the dynamics of the entire team.

It’s important don’t discuss the situation to the entire crew, it isn’t their issue and involving more people will only make the situation worse. Keep it small & only involve the crew that it direct affects.


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