Black Friday? We have a better idea: Blue Friday

Nov 23, 2022 | Lifestyle, Crew Members, Crew Tips

We all know Black Friday is around the corner, but we thought about giving it a twist, as usually the black color is not something we like to see in the ocean, right?  We are also aware of the connotation blue has (Blue Monday, for example), but that’s something we would like to change, because blue is such a beautiful color, such a stunning view of an endless ocean and a full-of-life sea… So we thought: why not turn the color blue into something that represents beauty, happiness and a powerful, clean ocean? At the end of the day, creating a LOHAS or lifestyle of health & sustainability is our mission towards life at sea, by offering you the best yacht amenities and organic products. That’s when the idea was born: Blue Friday

Then, what would Blue Friday be?
So, if you know something about us, it is that we love to keep the ocean clean and safe. What do you think the goal of Blue Friday will be?

Well, you got it: to promote a sustainable and ecologically friendly lifestyle at sea, to create awareness about environmentally safe choices and to highlight the importance of the ocean in our lives and all that surrounds us. Shortly put, to keep the ocean clean.

That is the force that drives us, and that is something we try to convey in each and every one of our products, actions and even our Manifesto. We live by all of it’s points every day, so we would like to underline the most relevant of them for this Blue Friday:

We believe in sustainability
It bears repeating as much as necessary, so here it goes again: sustainability is the only way, and it is our way. As we wrote in a previous entry, reducing emissions and the carbon footprint are the main goals for the yachting industry at the moment, and we are proud to be part of that effort.

We believe that the essence of luxury is not the vessel but its contents
Proof is that all of our products are ecologically friendly while still offering you the best quality brands for a luxurious life at sea. In fact, for this Blue Friday’s weekend, you will be able to enjoy all our products with a 25% discount. We love making it easier to enjoy the most luxurious amenities on your yacht.

We believe that we can achieve great things when surrounded by like-minded people
Unity makes strength, and a task as huge as keeping the world’s waters clean requires as much strength as needed. That’s why we like to unite with people as amazing as our friends in 4ocean, an ocean cleanup company dedicated to cleaning the plastics found in oceans, rivers and coastlines. They pick up plastics found in the sea to create some beautiful and cool bracelets, which later we purchase. This way, those plastics find a new use. Let’s all join our forces and keep the waters clean and healthy!

We believe in the sea as the main source of life for our planet
It is not necessary to be an expert in biology to know that, in the end, everything comes back to the sea and, after that, to ourselves. The sea has always been a huge part of human life and societies, so by keeping it clean, we are keeping us and those who will come after us safe.

We believe in… You
The same way we care for the health of the ocean, we know you do too, and we know you want to be able to access the best luxury at sea without compromising the environment. If we all work together, we will be capable of maintaining the water and it’s life safe.

We hope this Blue Friday can help expand our goal of a LOHAS and enjoying the best luxury at sea while protecting the ocean we all love to be in.


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