Carnival is celebrated around the world in many countries and often involves songs, dances, parties, people dressed in elaborate costumes and fussy accessories; Carnival is also the period when loads of garbage are produced worldwide, particularly in those places where major celebrations are held. So, how can we can be happy, have fun and enjoy the festivities while cutting waste? Here we offer you some tips for a zero waste carnival on your yacht.

Reuse and DIY

Put your creativity in use. Make your costume with what you already have, by upcycling your clothes, mixing pieces and accessories, reinvent and create your own original and unique costume. Plan ahead, before you sail out, know where your yacht is heading to and where you can find what you need.

Borrow or Swap

You can borrow or swap an existing costume from previous carnivals, or you can also piece your outfits together by matching and exchanging clothes, accessories etc. You can involve all the yacht crew in this activity.


If you're very busy and you don't have any time to create your own costume, or just don't feel that adventurous at the moment, you can always rent it! This applies also for decoration elements and furniture too, like center pieces, chairs, chair covers, even plants can be rent. It is a good idea if you want to renovate your yacht for day!


This is a particular highlight while been on board. Glitter is made of plastic (crude-oil), has toxic substances and takes a long-life to decompose. Moreover, as it is a microplastic, it will end up contaminating our environment and impacting biodiversity, as many species will mistake and consume it with food. Therefore, the use of conventional glitter is definitely a MUST NOT if you want to celebrate Carnival with a peace of mind. Alternatives: eco glitter made of natural ingredients, such as sugar or minerals (mica powder, for instance). DYI: A simple and easy mixture of salt or sugar with some drops of liquid food colouring will give a natural similar texture and effect.

Say NO to single-use plastic

Single-use plastic cups are among the 10 things most commonly found in beaches, they are polluted regularly and contribute heavily to the plastic pollution crisis. It is exactly the same with single-use cutlery (forks, knifes, spoons) and straws. Use instead glass, aluminium or bamboo.

Last but not least: get the trash can right!

Bring in the right garbage, whatever waste you create. Recycle is very important because waste has an enormous adverse impact on the natural environment. Through waste areas toxic contaminants and greenhouse gases are emitted from garbage. It helps to reduce wastage emissions. So reduces the need for raw materials to protect the rainforests.

We hope you've enjoyed our tips and wish you an unforgettable zero waste carnival!